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View of the Florence

We were walking all day around Florence, and by the end of the day by chance entered this observation point. The fact that this is the best point for taking photos of Florence was confirmedĀ  by the presence of many photographers with tripods. And I was one of them! I was very lucky with the weather conditions – very cute little clouds completed the panoramic view of Florence. On this image you can see almost all the major attractions of Florence. I am very satisfied with this shot and consider it one of the best works of mine.

On this photo you can see:
– At the centre of the photo you can see the Duomo (Florence’s most famous Cathedral).
– Slightly to the left there is a tower of the castle Palazzo Vecchio.
– Along the left side of the river the very first bridge is Ponte Vecchio.

Amazing Fact:

Standard Italian language that the entire country uses to this day comes from the Florentine dialect.