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Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples is all what left from the ancient city of Agrigento. It was a great and rich city. It was founded by the Greeks around 580 BC. Now only few ruined temples are left from Agrigento. And nothing else but memories… What seemed eternal and indestructible to the ancient people now it is almost disappeared. I think everything that seems now commonplace and eternal sooner or later will go into oblivion. And our future descendants will dig the ground and imagine how we lived – the people of the XXI century.

The photo shows one of the best preserved ancient temples – the temple of the Concordia – one of the best preserved Doric temples in the world. So the guides tell you. Although historians are not sure about this temple.

Amazing fact:

Much of ancient Agrakas still remains to be excavated! Many mysteries are still waiting to be discovered…