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Bologna towers at night

It was primarily prestigious to have your own tower in medieval Bologna. The higher and bigger the tower was, the richer was its owner. What is it for and what to do with it, didn’t matter at all. In 12-13 centuries, Bologna had 80-100 towers, according to some sources. Now the city has less than 20 towers.

On this photo you can see two most famous towers in Bologna. The higher one is Azinelli (97 m), and the lower one is Garizenda (48 m). As you can see the two towers are inclined. They are supported by special cables strung around them from collapsing.

You can climb the top of the Azinelli – it is the best observation deck overlooking the city. Do not miss the chance to see whole Bologna from the top!

Amazing fact:

Bologna is the culinary capital of Italy.