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The Sicilian coast

I took this shot in the resort town of Taormina. It was a very hot day. The temperature was over 45 °C. To walk around and make photos was VERY hard. I wanted to give up and quickly go swimming in the sea. Due to the fact that the city is located high on the mountains you have to use cable car in order to get to the beach. If you carefully look at the picture you can find it. Taormina is located high in the mountains and it offers great views of the coastline and mount Etna. In addition, there are many historical attractions in this town, such as:  the ancient Greek theatre, the ancient churches, the ruins of the temples. If you’re looking for a truly stunning and very romantic place in Sicily this wonderland is your answer.

Amazing Fact:

Taormina has an ancient theatre which is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily. This theatre offers best views of the Mount Etna.