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The Colosseum from the inside

Many people know how Colosseum looks like from the outside but not everyone knows what it looks like inside. It has a very complicated structure!Colosseum is kind of great-grandfather of modern stadiums. Everything is very thought out here – there are sectors, an elaborate system of entrance and the numbering of rows and seats.¬†Almost the same what we have now at our stadiums. But only 2,000 years earlier…

On this photo you can see the complex structures that are located underneath the scene. They allowed to do special effects during the performance: the sudden appearance of animals and new characters, change of scenery.

To go to the Colosseum for the ancient people was the same as for the modern to see the action movie – but there were real people and animals dying because of absence of cinema.¬† Interests of people for the past thousands years hasn’t really changed.

Amazing Fact:

It is estimated that the shows that were held in the Colosseum for hundreds of years have taken the lives of about 500,000 people and over a million of wild animals. It must be the most bloody place on the Earth.

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