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Lobby of Hotel Atlantis The Palm

This is the hall of Hotel Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, the UAE. Its extraordinary  indoor architectural style extremely surprised me. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Despite the amazing architecture of the hotel lobby, in reality it makes you feel like you are at the overcrowded railway station because of large number of people. I had to wait long for the moment to make this shot. People constantly kept walking around. And it is not surprising, as this hotel has about 1600 rooms.

On the other hand it allowed us to get lost in the crowd and easily get to the zone HOTEL GUESTS ONLY  🙂 and to the hotel’s beach also, even though we weren’t hotel guests.

Amazing Fact:

During the Opening of Hotel Atlantis The Palm,  about 100 000 fireworks were used (seven times more that were fired during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008) and this thrilling to watch show lasted for 15 minutes! Also beautiful light show of moving images was illuminated onto the hotel. You can watch the video from the opening here:

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